why quarterli®?

The Problem.

There’s no end of advice out there urging business owners and leaders to work ‘on the business’ rather than just 'in the business'.
  • We’re warned about the perils of getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business and not spending enough time thinking about the longer term.
  • We’re encouraged to ‘think big’ and commit to goals that will drive the major changes required for the business to fulfil its potential.
  • We have access to a multitude of excellent models and methodologies that can support this work and help us maximise shareholder value.
Despite this, the majority of senior leadership teams struggle to escape the daily and weekly grind and find it impossible to sustain a meaningful level of 'on the business' activity.
A combination of Bad Habits and Filter Failure means that even if we find the right tools and techniques, they prove impossible to harness due to the day-to-day pressures of running a business.

The Solution.

A new, better Habit

What’s needed is a more systemic, habit-forming approach to working 'on the business'. Quarterli® is designed to provide just that for every business leader who aspires to increase shareholder value. When used with your senior team, it creates a powerful new quarterly habit of reflection and shared commitment to action that keeps everyone pulling in the same direction.

A New Filter

The Growth Probability MatrixTM is the unique filter that makes Quarterli® so powerful. It helps you cut through the overwhelming amount of business advice out there and brings clarity to your thinking so that you can establish what your business needs to focus on now in order to improve its chances of long-term success.

Why this happens.

Bad habits

Many of us develop bad habits when it comes to working 'on the business'.
Whether we’ve read a book or attended a conference, we’ll often arrive back at the office focused and fired up to make the changes needed to accelerate the growth of our business.
Almost without fail, 3 months later, the day to day challenges dominate, the urgent has overtaken the important, the blinkers are back on and that fleeting moment of clarity and objectivity has been lost!

Filter Failure

We live in a world where we’re swamped with ‘content’ from individuals and organisations that promise incredible solutions that will help us grow our business.
Hidden amongst all this marketing bull, there is treasure to be discovered: tools, techniques and expertise that, if applied correctly, can really help.
So, whilst we can moan about the thousands of books, magazines, blogs and videos being generated each day, this isn’t the problem. The problem is that we lack an effective filter to help us ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’. As Clay Shirky puts it, “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.”
These two problems combine so that, even if we find the right tool or technique, it proves impossible to harness it due to the day-to-day pressures of running a business. And so, the exhausting cycle of 'in the business' activity continues, often interspersed with sporadic, half-hearted attempts to work 'on the business'.

Business leaders we have helped

  • "A great tool to measure your organisation’s chances of long-term success."

    Manchester Metropolitan University

  • "I think it’s a great tool, the USP is the assessment of Senior Team alignment. I have not come across anything else that does that."

    Ian S


  • "A very insightful and useful tool. I'd say that the results are pretty accurate! I particularly like the very simple Matrix and report produced."

    Zoe A


  • "The Growth Probability Matrix has the potential to have quick and immediate impact and more importantly get business leaders onto the same page."

    Khalida S


  • "A hugely useful tool and process. There are many companies out there that will benefit enormously from the Growth Probability Matrix."

    Simon B


  • "I love the way it provokes debate, consensus-growing and action amongst the senior team as well as measuring ability to grow. Can't wait to use it with some of our clients."

    Jane J


  • "I think it’s so ground-breakingly simple yet powerful to use and implement."

    Michael M


  • "A common language and harmonised vision amongst the senior executive teams cannot be underestimated."

    Khalida S


  • "This would be a good model for any scale up programme."

    Andrew M


  • "Loving this, I can see real value in your approach!"

    John B


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