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Good for you, great for your clients!

  • Introduce your clients to Quarterli®
  • Send them a URL that’s unique to your business.
  • When they sign up, have your logo displayed whenever they use Quarterli®
  • Put you and your business ‘front of mind’ every time they’re working ‘on the business’.

Partner with Quarterli®

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Does this sound familiar?

Whether you're a business coach, consultant, accountant or other specialist service provider, you'll recognise these four things:
1. A client’s day to day challenges often get in the way of building long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.
2. If your clients were able to spend more time working ‘on the business’, your insights and expertise would be even more valued, and you would have a greater chance of helping them achieve their long-term goals.
3. As seasoned professionals, you don’t ever want to resort to a ‘hard sell’ of your services. That’s the last thing your clients and prospects want too!
4. Patience is key. If you stay professional and remain ‘front of mind’ then, when the time is right, clients and prospects will come to you*.
Quarterli® is designed to help organisations of all shapes and sizes develop better habits when it comes to working 'on the business'.
If they develop these habits, then everyone benefits: Not only are they more likely to achieve their growth goals but they are also much more likely to recognise the need for your expertise and the value that you can deliver at key stages of their growth journey.

Ideal partners

Growth Coaches
Executive Coaches
Non-Exec Directors
Financial Advisors
Business Support Organisations
Membership Organisations and Associations
Peer Advisory Boards & Networks

Recognition of need*

Academics, marketers and strategic selling experts talk a lot about 'Recognition of Need' or 'Problem Recognition'. It is viewed as the first, and most important step in a client's decision-making process.
This process (Problem Recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Choice and Outcomes) has been widely accepted since it was first introduced by John Dewey back in 1910.
Put simply, a purchase cannot take place without the recognition of the need. This represents a huge challenge to all consultants, coaches and business support specialists who know that they have the insights and expertise to help organisations achieve their growth goals.
This ‘Recognition of Need’ typically happens when a business leader is taking a step back from the day-to-day and working ‘on the business’.
So, when that happens and they are ready to act, it pays to be 'front of mind'.

Create immediate value for you and your clients

Regular Clients: They'll appreciate you thinking of them. It's not for everyone, so just leave them to decide if it's something they want to do.
Dormant Clients: A great reason to get in touch. In one simple email or call you remind them that you’re thinking of them and offer them something that they might find hugely valuable.
Warm Prospects: Maintain momentum and lay the foundations for a long-term relationship. By suggesting they take a look at Quarterli® you're already adding value, without the hard sell.
Act now, before someone else in your client's network beats you to it.

How it works

If you think that your client might find Quarterli® of value, then fill in your details below and attach your logo.
Within one working day, we will send you a unique hyperlink for your organisation that you can forward on to clients and prospects.
They use your link to sign up to Quarterli®
They will then see your logo prominently, but professionally, positioned on every page.

Frequently asked questions

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What happens if my logo doesn’t appear when my client uses Quarterli®?

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What logo size and format do you recommend?

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