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Written by Mike McKenzie

For many owners and their leadership teams, business success can be fleeting or remain just out of reach. Whilst this is rarely due to a lack of desire or effort, it would be wrong to simply blame bad luck or circumstance. Deep down, most of us know that we’re focusing on the wrong things…

Work on the business not in the business

There’s no end of advice out there urging business owners and leaders to work ‘on the business’ rather than just ‘in the business’. We’re warned about the perils of getting caught up in the day-to-day and not spending enough time thinking about the longer term. We’re encouraged to 'think big' and commit to the 'audacious goals' that will drive the changes required for the business to fulfil its growth potential. We’re also directed to an array of models and methodologies that can support this work and help maximise shareholder value.

Despite this, the majority of leadership teams seem to struggle to escape from the daily and weekly grind and find it impossible to sustain a meaningful level of ‘on the business’ activity.

Quarterli can help you work on the business not in the business

So, why is this?

I have long thought that it’s a bit like trying to live a healthier lifestyle. There’s an overwhelming amount of advice out there on how to eat well, exercise and lose weight. Yet so many of us fail to achieve these goals...

Crash diets and demanding exercise regimes rarely work; it’s virtually impossible to integrate them into a sustainable daily routine, so they are soon forgotten. Many of us then get trapped in an endless cycle; wasting time and money on the latest fads or searching for that ‘silver bullet’ from the latest guru.

It’s the same in business: We live in a world where we’re swamped with ‘content’. The many thousands of books, magazines, blogs and videos being generated each day mean that it is getting more and more difficult for us to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’. Even then, no matter how powerful the technique or idea, and no matter how much we know it makes sense to adopt it, this proves impossible due to the day-to-day pressures of running a business.

As a result, the exhausting cycle of ‘in the business’ activity continues, often interspersed with sporadic, half-hearted attempts to work ‘on the business’.

In both these scenarios, passing fads and gimmicks need to be replaced with a more systemic approach. One that is both holistic and simple; so that it remains ‘front of mind’, influences in-the-moment decisions and gradually creates better leadership habits.

That why I created Quarterli®. It’s not another 'crash diet'; it’s a simple routine that helps you and your senior team build a shared view of where your business stands today and what you need to do differently to fulfil your long-term mission.

Quarterli is more than just a business health check, it can help you develop better leadership habits.

Introducing the Growth Probability Matrix

At the core of Quarterli®, you will find the Growth Probability Matrix™. Put simply, Quarterli® would not, indeed, could not, exist without it.

The Matrix is a simple framework that is easy to remember and explain.

  • It provides an invaluable filter that cuts through the overwhelming amount of business advice that we face every day.
  • It’s based on just thirteen Growth Probability Indicators: each GPI being an important predictor of business success.
  • The thirteen GPIs help you and your senior team establish where your business needs to focus in order to improve its chances of long-term success.

The Growth Probability Matrix™ also draws a critical distinction between the Growth Potential of your business and the ability of the senior team to unlock this potential through Effective Execution. Both are key to business growth and building long-term shareholder value, but one is often (subconsciously) prioritised over the other.

This distinction can prove invaluable when a leadership team is at the start of their Strategic Planning process or wondering how to scale a business.

Improve Team Cohesion with the Growth Probability Matrix

Who is Quarterli® for?

Quarterli® is designed for any leader who aspires to grow their business, increase senior team cohesion and maximise shareholder value. It is tuned to your level of ambition and therefore helps you reflect on the likelihood of fulfilling this ambition.

That means that it’s not just for ‘Scale-ups’ or ‘Gazelles’, it's for any established business (or business unit) that has achieved a level of success and wants more. This could be a small family business or a large public company. It is especially valuable to those organisations where a senior leadership team is emerging or already exists. For these companies, Quarterli® is much more than just a business health check; it really can help you develop a new leadership habit and build a cohesive team.

Discover more...

Download the free book to find out more about the Growth Probability Matrix™ and the thirteen predictors of business success.

The Matrix is designed to help you work on the business not in the business

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